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About Ingene

Ingene Consulting LLC, based in Nevada, is an entertainment, sports marketing and strategy consulting firm specializing in integrated brands and business strategies for emerging markets. Founded in 2012, the company has successfully launched Asian entertainment, sports & lifestyle brands/businesses into emerging markets in N.America (USA, Canada and Caribbean) and is currently working on multiple strategic initiatives to expand US-based global brands into the Asian market (primarily focused on India and China).

Ingene has successfully developed its own brands and properties in licensing/merchandising (retail) and live events franchise. The company is currently expanding into learning academies in entertainment, sports and lifestyle in local US & Canadian markets.

– Fandom Sports and Entertainment is a subsidiary of Ingene Entertainment, specializing in licensing, merchandising and retail (online and offline). FandomCricket.com is the online retail portal that carries leading global cricket brand merchandise including
exclusive IPL merchandise conceptualized, designed and produced by Fandom. The store has successfully achieved sales and distribution in 43 countries globally

– Desh® is a trademark owned by Ingene. Desh® Vegas is the flagship live event property developed by Ingene. Desh® Vegas is an annual Indian entertainment festival designated as a Signature Event on the Vegas calendar that brings together the top brands in Indian entertainment and projected to attract 20,000+ visitors from all over the US and rest of the world

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. The first edition of Desh® Vegas is planned to be launched in the fall of 2017.

Ingene also specializes in business strategy consulting and advisory for leading global media and entertainment conglomerates, enabling their Digital Transformation and emerging market business transformation strategies.

Executive Bio

Ram Ramanathan
President and CEO

Ram Ramanathan, the Founder and CEO of Ingene group of companies, is an Entertainment Business Strategist and a thought leader in Digital Technology Transformation with deep experience in the global Media and Entertainment industry. He has 18+ years’ experience in corporate leadership and entrepreneurial capacity in the Online/Internet Media, Film, Music and Digital Entertainment industry.

Under his vision and leadership, Ingene has developed a niche industry presence in enabling emerging market growth opportunities for leading global entertainment and sports brands and also developed it’s own brands and properties to enable the synergies across Content (Digital and Physical), Experience (Live Events) and Talent Development (Academies). His rich experience in leading the digital and business transformation strategy in management and advisory consulting roles for leading online, media and entertainment conglomerates – notably, Walt Disney, Warner Music Group, News Corp, eBay, Realtor.com, has enabled Ingene to provide technology-enabled leading edge digital business solutions.

Prior to founding Ingene, Ram headed the Office of the CIO for Warner Music Group, the third largest music company in the world. Prior to his stint at Warner Music Group, Ram successfully held various leadership roles Cognizant Technology Solutions – a Fortune 500 Global IT Services firm – spanning Global Delivery, Corporate Strategy & Operations, Practice Leadership and Business Development. He was responsible for spearheading the inception and growth of the Online Services/Digital, Media and Entertainment practice in the US.

Ram Ramanathan is on the Board of Advisors for China US Strategic Ventures, a pioneering organization that enables a platform for international companies to form business partnerships in China. Ram earned his Presidential/ Key Executive (PKE) MBA from Pepperdine University, CA,USA.