Business Process Re-engineering can enable strategic advantage for a company by optimizing the organizational resources to create value internally for the operations and externally to partners and customers

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Ingene has successfully executed varied types and scales of BPR initiatives to deliver a wide range of business benefits:

  • Cost optimization
  • Quality and productivity improvement
  • Accelerated Time-to-market
  • Improved scalability, extensibility and ease of maintenance
  • Enhanced decision support tools through data integrity and business intelligence capabilities

We specialize in corporate performance management strategies using Balanced Scorecard – representative engagements being one for a large fast-growing global IT Services company with high revenue and margins emphasis and the other for internal IT operations of a large entertainment Co with emphasis on cost optimization and innovation.

Our Value:

  • A simplified, practical approach that will
    • empower the team and make them part of the solution
    • deliver quick wins and incremental results
  • Our tools and customizable framework start you from the 30-yard line
  • End-end service to help stakeholders manage inwards (team), outwards(customers/partners) and upwards (executives/board) –
  • Integrated change management – change has to be managed before, during and after BPR initiatives; not just after
  • Outcome based pricing; We put our skin in the game