• Globalizing Entertainment

    • Building global brands for sports franchises
    • Expansion strategies for global entertainment cos. into US, India & China
    • Integrating Sports, Movies & Music into a live entertainment experience
Emerging Markets Strategy

Asia is entertainment’s next frontier!! Ingene is uniquely positioned with it’s triangulation of N.America, India and China to open exponential growth opportunities for western brands looking to expand into the fastest growing markets and at the same time offering established Asian brands the reciprocal opportunity to establish and grow in N.America. Ingene’s creative strategies enable companies to broaden their revenue stream from a seasonal to year-round revenue and from a narrow single-ethnic expat audience to a truly cross-ethnic appeal, in addition to the non-linear scale of growth.

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Sports Management

Ingene occupies pole position in the expansion of Cricket into N.America through a combination of its IPL franchise & player representation rights (now expanding to CPL), investments in grassroots talent development academies and premium events featuring celebrity cricket players. Strategic initiatives are in progress to bring popular US sports such as baseball into India and China at a grassroots and professional league level. Ingene is tapping into the cross-over appeal of baseball stars in cricket and vice-versa to create additional synergies to promote the respective sports in emerging markets

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Integrated Entertainment

Media and entertainment companies are fatigued by competing in the red ocean of the mature US market. Ingene specializes in blue ocean strategies for expanding into emerging markets like India and China which are seeing a meteoric rise in media & entertainment spend, significant growth potential and a favorable (young) demographic capital. Our strategies enable mutual value propositions for growth in these emerging markets, capture the evolving tastes of the millennial generation and tap synergies across multiple entertainment segments.

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