• Expanding brand life & reach!!

    • Design and market custom-branded merchandise for sports franchises
    • Proven Online Sales & Distribution in over 35 countries
    • Promoting a unique 'Experience' through live events
Licensing & Merchandising

Fans define the success of an entertainment brand and are its most potent and passionate marketers. Ingene designs and markets custom-branded fan merchandise worldwide for the top IPL cricket teams and event franchises. From concept & design, to production, distribution, marketing and sales, Ingene has established capabilities and partnerships worldwide to manage end-end merchandise strategy & operations and deliver assured outcomes. Ingene manages end-end the Chennai Super Kings Exclusive International line of fan merchandise

We design your fan pride to go worldwide…

e-Commerce & Offline Retail

Ingene owns and manages Fandom eCommerce sales and distribution platform, complemented by strong offline retail and drop-ship logistics partnerships in US, Canada, UAE and UK to achieve sales & distribution in 40+ countries. Ingene has in-house technology and creative experts to build and manage end-end state-of-the art online e-commerce portals, working seamlessly with our marketing team to ensure rapid time-to-market and deliver superior customer experience. FandomCricket.com is our first portal dedicated to premium international cricket fan merchandise

We deliver outcomes, not just solutions…

Event Promotion

‘Experience’ is the present and future of entertainment. Nothing drives customer/fan intimacy and brand stickiness better than a live event experience. Ingene promotes events (both live performances and promotional) to boost the marketing initiatives for the brands we own and represent. In addition to Desh Vegas, our flagship premium annual event, Ingene produces promotional events, tours and special field campaigns in partnership with preferred local event and production partners in all major international markets

‘Experience’ (is) the difference …

Brand Endorsements

We believe brand endorsement deals are more than just matching brand ambassadors – it’s making the right business connections. What we do best is connecting the dots in the B-2-B world to identify and tap mutual synergies which translates into a successful brand endorsement in the B-2-C space. Ingene’s strong corporate partnerships and extended technology/business transformation advisory services, enables a unique value proposition for sponsors

Monetize your brand value…